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"The Wicker Man" (2006) Drinking Game

2007-11-25 15:23:51 by tlgmedia

This idea has been simmering in the collective thoughts of the TLG crew for some time now, and last night was our first opportunity to test out our patented, sure-fire-kill-you-dead drinking game for "The Wicker Man".

Most importantly, you need a copy of the 2006 version of The Wicker Man, starring today's hottest bad-movie beacon, Nicolas Cage. You can play with either the theatrical version or the director's cut, the latter of which being the recommended simply because the movie's concluding ten minutes consists of almost continuous drinking.

We split the rules into two different games based on skill level. Be warned: you may be required to drink more than a twelve-pack, so choose your alcohol of choice wisely. A near-beer will be suitable to get terribly shitfaced in the span of ninety minutes.


Take a drink every time the following happens:
1. Nic Cage pops pills.
2. Nic Cage strikes anything with intent to damage (this includes people also).
3. Willow (the wife) fails to complete a sentence.

These rules are entirely subjective, so the easiest way to determine when to take a drink is by group concensus.
1. Nic Cage raises his voice.
2. Nic Cage makes an unreasonable demand.
3. Nic Cage fails at anything. (There are scenes where all three of these will occur at once)
BONUS! Also include novice rules.

Feel free to add these into your game, they happen quite frequently throughout the movie.
- Anything gets hit by a truck.
- Nic Cage stares at anything of little to no importance.
- Nic Cage fails to make a reaction.
- Anytime someone says any variation of the word "burn".

Drink responsibly.

Totally Luminescent Gauchos


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