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"Don't bother responding, I'm not going to waste my time reading it."

2010-06-23 14:58:55 by tlgmedia

Last year we put out an animation called What Birthers Believe, which was a satire of the whole "Obama is from Kenya" movement that just won't die. There are basically two types of negative responses we get for it. The big one is from Birthers who are offended that the animation misrepresents them. They typically go something like "WHY WONT BARACK OSAMA SHOW HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE ALSO HE HAS A MONKEY WIFE". These are hilarious.

The other kind is from people who think WBB is racist. Now, obviously there is a lot of over the top racism in the animation, but in my defense it's there as a function of satire. Part of the point I'm making is that the Birther argument is mostly motivated by overt, cartoonish bigotry. It's annoying when people don't get this, but we get enough complaints that I'm starting to think maybe, MAYBE, I wasn't explicit enough about my intentions. Believe it or not, I strongly dislike accusations that I'm racist.

Yesterday we got this comment for What Birthers Believe on Youtube:

i predict racist comments.
I am black (african) AND THis is fucking racist, seriously when i saw some of your videos i subbed but this disgusts me and sorry i am unubbing, i thought, that you could be one of these americans (2%) that wasnt racist , but i was wrong. BTW we are NOT sorcerers.
Even if anyone answers i won't respond so save your time.
What an abomination...

Now, what annoys me about this comment isn't how he completely missed the point (although having to type out the sentence "BTW we are NOT sorcerers" might have been an indication that maybe it's a joke). And it's not the whiny, victimized tone this kid is taking either.

I can't stand the sentence "Even if anyone answers i won't respond so save your time." This isn't the first time I've been told that my response is going to be ignored, and every time it's FUCKING INFURIATING. It's always some asshole who thinks they're so above everyone on the moral high ground that anybody elses opinion is worthless. Making a serious accusation then completely ignoring the other sides defense isn't how you win an argument. That's what children do. That's what Birthers do. Another thing they'll say is that their time is so precious and limited that they don't want to waste any more hearing what I have to say, which is a terrible fucking lie. If you're EVER leaving comments on youtube videos, you have nothing but spare time. Go ahead and ignore my reply if you want, but don't announce it like you're such a great person that you don't even have to bother with a meaningful discussion, you fucking douchebag.

Sorry for the rambling, I get worked up for the dumbest reasons sometimes.


Anyways, the fifth anniversary of A New Bunny went by a couple months ago. It's not exactly related, but somebody made this video, and they're awesome for it.

/* */

Texans Loathe Gays

ps Final Fantasy XIII was a non-stop suck fest which obliterated 50 hours of my life that I can never get back. Don't bother defending the game because I'm just going to ignore you. (Kickass graphics though).


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2010-06-23 15:42:21

I bothered to respond.

tlgmedia responds:



2010-06-23 16:12:05



2010-06-23 16:20:02

You deserve a medal for making it through the entire 50 hours. Hell I quit after the first four. If you want a really fun RPG try Dark Cloud 2. I dumped like 100 hours into it and loved every second.

tlgmedia responds:

I've heard good things about DC2, but I'm not sure I can ever spend that much time on just one game. FFXIII was an exception because I spent full price for it and swore I was going to get my moneys worth.


2010-06-23 16:32:16

I'm not going to read this.


2010-06-23 16:38:18

dude no matter what, always remember people have twice the amount of balls when behind a computer screen but when it comes down to real life, they're total cowards.

they can say w/e shit they want cause they dont feel the dangers of the consequential factor. (aka gettin beatin up or such)

dont let anyone down your ideals. you got talent, and what do they have to show for? a couple of stupid ass fav'd videos and subscriptions.

you do something with your life which they dont.

you always have my support man seeing is how i found newgrounds through your flash work.


tlgmedia responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate it. I guess it is kind of silly to get worked up over a YouTube comment. I just really don't like being called racist.


2010-06-23 16:38:51

RESPONSE. I'm such a rebel.

tlgmedia responds:

PUNK ROCK! Now let's mosh!


2010-06-23 16:44:33

Now you need to follow up that with "What People Who Watched 'What Birthers Believe' on Youtube Believe".

P.S. A fun game, try to make a list of all games that are less linear than FF13.

tlgmedia responds:

If I played that game to the end I'd probably spend more time on it than I did on FFXIII.


2010-06-23 16:50:29


tlgmedia responds:



2010-06-23 18:11:16

Well there's "Texans Loathe Gays"

Which is actually more torwards the older generation may be true... but the younger generation (unless they eat their parent's words from birth) is actually very accepting of any type of racial or sexual differences.


2010-06-23 18:43:15

Meh. YouTube commenters are some of the biggest dumbshits ever recorded amongst the human race. You really shouldn't care about them, for exactly this reason. Trying to talk sense into anyone who's into plastering their own particular brand of moronity all over the internet is only going to annoy you and waste your time. It isn't worth arguing wth them, even if you win.


2010-06-23 20:18:48

The anatomy of that floor is incorrect.


2010-06-23 21:33:59

I thought it was hilarious and not the least bit racist.



2010-06-23 22:43:50

Looking for intelligent people on YouTube is like looking for good conversations on Chat Roulette. They exist, but you have to deal with a bunch of dicks first.


2010-06-23 23:42:57

always remember you got a friend right here bro.


2010-06-24 00:16:03

That only happens if your videos aren't super awesome. If you're really cool you get these kinds of comments.

"Dude, this was a great video. You're my favorite person in the world.
I hope you have a great and fulfilling life and die knowing you made a positive impact on the world.
And if you don't agree don't even bother fucking responding cause I won't even consider it."
-Love Tyler L. Robinson

true story.


2010-06-24 03:20:02

oh how quaint


2010-11-06 14:42:43

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