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Porn Spam Accounts on Newgrounds!

2010-04-02 12:36:05 by tlgmedia

From: Jacqueline7do
Sent: 8 hours ago
Subject: hi.. how's it going!


I wuz checking over the search, and I noticed your profile. U appear to be a very remarkable person, but i'm rather new at this sorta thing, & dont know what to do on here. Can't they have a chat thing here? I h8 writing msgs to ppl, and sometimes not receiving anything back! Anyways, if you want to talkin' with me, u could catch me over @ 4eva , my name there is Dancin4eva.

So, ya, hope to see you. I'm always lookin' to meet more ppl.
Kaylee Bell

Hear that? A spam bot thinks I'm a remarkable person!

Top Lesbian Groupie


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2010-04-02 13:00:43

Those come from some sweatshop where every day at the same time, they spend an hour manually creating accounts and PMing people. I know Craigslist has a similar problem. We should pay a sweatshop to manually remove them during the same hour every day.


2010-04-04 22:15:54

haha, I had that too


2010-04-05 21:24:52

I had it to when I first made my account


2010-04-14 16:50:59

They don't even bother to change the style, they just mix words, it's so damn obvious lol. v.v;

i was checkin' 'round for ppl, and I found your profile. You seem to be a significantly fascinating person, but I'm really inexperienced on this site, and don't really know what's going on around here."

High five anyone? Ego boost +100 :D Looool.


2010-04-18 12:25:37

cool we should be remarkable together.


2010-04-24 08:28:34

same here, i got it also. its so annoying.


2010-04-28 14:31:43

I'm remarkable as well, but I don't want a virus


2010-05-19 19:08:44

The internet finds me very interesting as well, not sure if I should be flattered or terrified, probably both. (I think it's a girl because I'm emotionally insecure and need that sort of attention from the opposite sex)


2010-05-22 12:00:35

Same with me


hello there.

i was browsin over for ppl, and I hit your place. You appear to be a considerably with it dude, but Im really inexperienced here, & dont know where to go. Shouldn't they have some sort of chat thing here?? Well, I can't stand sending msgs to ppl, and potentially never receiving an answer. Well, if you feel like talking with me, u can check me over @ 4sexy , my name there is click4sexy.

So, ya, hope to meet up with you there. I'm always looking to find more ppl.
Mckenna Smith"