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A New Bunny: 5 Year Anniversary | Comedian Shane Mauss | Final Fantasy XIII | Twitter

2010-03-09 11:49:50 by tlgmedia

Five years ago today we released A New Bunny, which went on to become our most/only successful animation. To celebrate we've completely revamped it, with special guest stars Chase Suddarth (of Explosm fame) and Egoraptor (of Egoraptor fame)! Sure everything it's a parody of has been irrelevant for three years, but what the hell, I still like it.


Shane Mauss is an extremely funny comedian that you should know about. Here's a clip of him on Late Night with Conan O'Brien:

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Shane has a new CD, Jokes To Make My Parents Proud, out today on Comedy Central Records. It's awesome and I highly recommend it. Spend your money on it today!

I got Final Fantasy XIII at midnight last night (YES I LIKE FINAL FANTASY SORRY) and I'm about two hours in. It looks pretty, but so far all I've been doing is running forward, selecting "Auto-Battle" a whole bunch and wondering why Square insists on including annoying children with stupid haircuts. Despite all this I still plan on playing the shit out of it once I get back home. Anybody else pick up FFXIII yet? What do you think so far?

I'm on Twitter. Follow me or don't!

That's all.

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A New Bunny: 5 Year Anniversary | Comedian Shane Mauss | Final Fantasy XIII | Twitter


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2010-03-09 11:58:31

I have watched it.

tlgmedia responds:



2010-03-09 12:05:11

I did not like it, sir.
It was kinda stiff, voices didn't really match this time round, looked and moved like something that was animated five years ago, and really it doesn't have the 'current event'ness to warrant its existence.

Plus no cutaways to Yugioh yaoi. For shame.

(Updated ) tlgmedia responds:

Good point, although to be fair most of the things I do are poorly animated, come out entirely too late to be topical and lack Yugioh yaoi.


2010-03-09 12:31:33

Crap, 5 years already since A New Bunny came out??

Being old is scary.

tlgmedia responds:

Freaky, right? I was 18 when we put out ANB.


2010-03-09 13:03:58


tlgmedia responds:

It am.


2010-03-09 14:54:45

More epic than the original! Awesome voice picks, too!.Love it!


2010-03-09 18:31:24

dude i have to say because of a new bunny this is how i found newgrounds

i have to thank you now and when i make an acceptance speech.

thanks again!


tlgmedia responds:

Glad to hear it!


2010-03-09 19:40:41

just what the fuck is the TLG Media logo person doing?
Is it the Generation Game pose? ia/gallery/2008/aug/12/billcotton/Gen erationGame-60.jpg

tlgmedia responds:

He's skanking. It's when you listen to Ska and flail around like an idiot and nobody wants to be your friend anymore.


2010-03-23 02:19:15

What Zozobra song did u use on A New Bunny: Extreme Edi.?

(Updated ) tlgmedia responds:

"Laser Eyes", I thought it would be fitting.


2010-03-23 20:14:40

It was :] I was just curious what exact song it was cuz I wanted it on my iPhone, btw I converted and put A new bunny extreme edi' on my iPhone as well :p lol love it

tlgmedia responds:

Thanks man!

Zozobra has two albums, Bird of Prey and Harmonic Tremors. I highly recommend them.


2010-03-25 12:58:47

I have them both now xD I love crush and kill from Harmonic Tremors, thanks for the reccomendation