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Lollipop Kings - South Park ripped us off probably!

2007-10-25 02:55:09 by tlgmedia

The newest episode of South Park has a character called The Lollipop King. However, we put out an animation way back in February called Bachelor Party Yay! that also had a character called The Lollipop King who is somewhat similar in appearance. So the question is: DID SOUTH PARK RIP OFF TLG MEDIA?

My common sense says "No, anybody could come up with a 'lollipop king'" but my ego says "Those motherfuckers ripped us off! Fucking Motherfuckers!"

Anyways, ours is way better because he's insane and voiced by Tom Fulp.

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Lollipop Kings - South Park ripped us off probably!


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2007-10-25 21:16:04

Interesting. I say freak coincidence, but who really knows?


2010-02-18 12:19:11

there's no respect anymore


2010-02-19 00:46:21

South park rips off everything...


2010-08-31 21:58:49

yes im telling you... the creators of south park are REALLY going to visit some random guy's video from newgrounds and steal his character.