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Please stop failing at PMs

2009-10-01 17:39:43 by tlgmedia

Subject: lol!
At 10/1/09 7:30 AM, ******* wrote:
How dumb can you get?

Is this a rhetorical question? If you're going to insult me I'd appreciate a bit of context. Something along the lines of "[Insert movie title] sucked, you faggot" or "I disagree with your opinion of [my opinion] because of [intelligent, well thought out counterpoint], you cocksucker." Is that so much to ask?

Subject: hey
At 9/29/09 9:28 PM, ****** wrote:
do you get behind the birthers movement great video im

This sentence makes my head hurt. I don't want to be a grammar nazi but I think we can all agree that this would benefit greatly from some punctuation, capitalization, and proper spelling. It doesn't take that long.

Subject: about your movie
At 10/1/09 2:05 AM, ********* wrote:

I was wondering if I could host this flash:


The flash piece is very nicely done and I will provide a link back on the page where I put your flash.

Permission to host any other flash pieces you may have would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
- Paul

The answer is no, Paul. Stop asking.

Talks Like God

ps Watch Joe Wilson's Day Out! Or don't. Really I can't force you or anything. But it would be nice if you did!


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2009-10-01 17:46:07

yeah... They're all like total NOOBS! =D


2009-10-01 17:49:31

I just watched Joe Wilson's Day Out, thought it was funny, nice. Then I see that you have a front page blog, thought it was funny, nice.


2009-10-01 18:09:59

That's nothing.. I get love letters telling me to go F*ck myself.. I try too.. but it's just physically impossible for me.. I cry at my failure.


2009-10-01 18:41:17

don't fight it, just go with it. Ride the wave of stupidity and see where it takes you... :)


2009-10-01 18:56:23

It's sad I know...
Just be happy that you are smarter than 90% of Americans.


2009-10-01 19:06:30

I've gotten all three of these kinds of messages before. I agree with you and FrozenFire.


2009-10-01 19:07:10

Why wouldn't you want your Flash to appear on more sites? I mean I guess I used to resist too, but unless you have a personal vendetta against the site, there aren't really very many good reasons to turtle up.


2009-10-01 20:01:18

will it make you feel any better if i told you your the reason why i first came to newgrounds?

all thanks to a certain BUZZED-bunny flash years ago >_>

thanks bro!



2009-10-01 20:02:07

my hatemail is a lot worse because they write like 10 pages and I never read em!


2009-10-01 20:38:06

i did watch it. too bad i had a blindfold on and earplugs.


2009-10-01 20:45:33

I envy you, I wish I got more hate PM's.


2009-10-01 22:37:38



2009-10-01 23:16:18

On this night we eat the bread of our affliction, as such we eat these bitter herbs to symbolize our oppression


2009-10-02 01:26:57

Didn't you hear? Glen Beck said that the problem with America is Godlessness.


2009-10-02 03:08:54

ur stupid