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It means your movies are famous if that's the second time it's happened.

Oh man, I WISH we were anywhere near as famous C&H.

If two people invented the wheel on opposite sides of the world, it doesn't mean they're copying each other.

No, it means that the guy who invented it slightly later than the other guy TOTALLY RIPPED HIM OFF. TOTALLY.

lol. A pretty shitty coincidence if I'd say so. Maybe they ripped you off, maybe they didn't. Send them an angry e-mail and see what happens.

I'm planning on getting drunk and writing a very angry, poorly thought out email with bad grammar later. Should be fun.

Explosm is not working for me.


Maybe it's a tribute or maybe it was unintentional. Either way, you're being a little bit obnoxious about this whole thing.

Oh yeah, sure, defend the guys who TOTALLY RIPPED US OFF >:O

I invented the internet, but so did Al Gore, what do I do? :\

Sue his ass! That's the American way!

well you must be doing somethin totally wrong, cos I dont know who the fuck you are, but I sure know explosm

So you're saying that because they're more popular than us, it makes it OK for them to steal jokes?

who cares?

Uh, very clearly I do, hence the bitching.

that comic is balls anyway. isn't there more important things to worry about than a comic that coincidently had a similar idea to yours?

Oh yeah, tons of things. I have to record and cut audio, do the artwork for SFR4, animate HIV, finish writing the BPY sequel, do my laundry, etc. But this joke theft has left me so distraught that I can only sit still and RAGE

i doubt eather south park or cyendide and happiness riped you off. for one thing there lolipop king thing is kind of self explanitory of how you imagine it would look. and the head floating away thing is something i doubt you were the first person to do. and i think the creators of south park and C&H are more creative to rip off someone elses work.

No one cares. They did it better anyway.

So joke stealing is fine if "the delivery is better" huh? I bet you love Dane Cook.

lmao you're paranoid bitch

stfu, I'm sane ho

If you HONESTLY and TRULY think they saw your crappy animation and then STOLE your "idea"... your out of your mind...

Obviously you're just a C&H apologist defending them from any and all criticism regardless of the validity. If you actually WATCHED Space Alligator you would see that it's a revolutionary work that redefines comedy and right now C&H is SHITTING IN MY FACE

Probably just a coincidence, you're blowing this way out of proportion.

If anything, I'm not overreacting enough. Come see me later when I've started an online petition against them.

welcome to egoraptors day :D

Egoraptor writes comedy? LOLOLOL

That was mean. Sorry Egoraptor.

Who are you?

Niraj. Nice to meet you!

Make a cartoon about purple shirted eye stabbers then.

You know, if you were anywhere near as famous as C&H, that would be the only reason they'd rip you off. South Park is famous and clever enough that the creators don't need to look at Space Alligator movies for ideas.

They didn't rip you off. It's coincidence and you're just an overreacting crackmonkey.

So people only ever rip off other popular artists and not relatively unknown ones, eh? Also, overreacting? I'll show you overreacting! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! WHY DID C&H RIP ME OFF GODDAMNIT WHY? FUCK IT I'M QUITTING HUMOR FOREVER THIS IS BULLSHIT WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

i'd like to join whatever anti-C&H you make, i have seen some undertones of rip-offs on his comic before, and i'd like to say... your damn right!

lol, i guess the old cunt finally ran out of ideas... it had alwase seemed to suck after the 200 mark

also what is freeky to me is the fact that it is taken by even southpark... i will never think the same of the damn bastards agen!

also, if you ever go and make that angry note, let me know and i will crank some out also =)

Finally, someone else who sees through the bullshit. THE LEGION GROWS

*high fives self

What's the sound of one hand high fiving? Fuck, I'm deep.

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