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Posted by tlgmedia - March 25th, 2011

First of all, New Animation! Pajama Pants - GVP. WATCH NOW!

It's been exactly one year since we put out our last full animation, "Justin Bieber's Forehead". If you're wondering what the holdup is, why? Anyways, both me and Chris are working full-time jobs. I moved to Boston and have been focusing way more on stand-up comedy, and Chris got his ass married. So now you know!

We have a few animations on the way. Pajama Pants is the first one we've released this year, but it's definitely not the only one we have finished.

Ted Leo Guys!

ps It's Friday, and you know what that means! DEATH FUCKING METAL

Posted by tlgmedia - July 23rd, 2010

Whoo Whoo! All aboard the "People who have stabbed TLG Media in the dick" train! We've already passed South Park, Explosm, and Marvel Comics. Next stop: CollegeHumor!

Check out this article written by Owen Parsons titled "What's Underneath Justin Bieber's Hair?". Hey, what a completely original idea that nobody has ever thought of before! Wait, what was that animation that TLG Media put out a few months ago? If you said "Love, Mass Effect 2 Style" you're technically right but I was talking about "Justin Bieber's Forehead" stupid.

What the Shit Collegehumor? Do you have no idea how hard I toil and suffer to bring original, timeless content like speculating on Justin Bieber's haircut to the internet? And after all my blood, sweat and dedication you think you can just steal everything I've built from underneath me and pay me back by FUCKING ME IN THE ASS WITH A DILDO MADE OF MY OWN FROZEN VOMIT?

And I know what some of you with lesser intellects are thinking. "Duh, but Niraj, isn't it possible for two different people to come up with similar joke premises on their own? Duuhhh. DUUUUUHHHHH." First of all, shut the fuck up. Second of all, go blow yourself. Third of all, NO IT FUCKING ISN'T A COINCIDENCE AT ALL YOU STUPID DOUCHE. Not convinced that this is a conspiracy against me? I submitted JBF to Collegehumor back in March. Clearly what happened was someone at Collegehumor saw the animation and said to themselves "This is hysterical, but I'm too racist to let this receive any sort of recognition on our site. I know, I'll bury it on their user page and then just hand the concept to one of our Aryan writers!" THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED AND DON'T FUCKING DENY IT.

And now Owen Parsons gets all the glory while I get PEE IN MY FACE. "HAHA!" Owen chortles, basking in the vast reserves of wealth generated by Collegehumor ad revenue, "this idiot thinks he can achieve any sort of popularity by creating original material and submitting it to our glorious website? ENJOY WALLOWING IN OBSCURITY YOU SIMPERING FOOL! SOMEONE BRING ME A BOWL OF PUPPIES FOR MY LUNCH! AND PREPARE MY CRACK PIPE!"

Ted Loves Gingers

ps Watch me do stand-up! If you don't I'll cry and cry and you'll feel wicked bad after!


Posted by tlgmedia - April 2nd, 2010

From: Jacqueline7do
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Subject: hi.. how's it going!


I wuz checking over the search, and I noticed your profile. U appear to be a very remarkable person, but i'm rather new at this sorta thing, & dont know what to do on here. Can't they have a chat thing here? I h8 writing msgs to ppl, and sometimes not receiving anything back! Anyways, if you want to talkin' with me, u could catch me over @ friend-pile.com?id=3590&profile=Dancin 4eva , my name there is Dancin4eva.

So, ya, hope to see you. I'm always lookin' to meet more ppl.
Kaylee Bell

Hear that? A spam bot thinks I'm a remarkable person!

Top Lesbian Groupie

Posted by tlgmedia - February 18th, 2010

Marvel Digital Comics has a new title out called Hit-Monkey, which is about a monkey assassin in a suit. Which is a totally awesome, wicked super original idea. OH WAIT NO IT'S NOT BECAUSE TLG MEDIA DID THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING FIVE YEARS AGO.

Don't believe me? Go watch The East Coast Saints. Watch the scene with the assassin monkey. Notice the date it was submitted? GODDAMN 2005.

I swear to god, first South Park, then Explosm, and now Marvel is jumping on the "lets fuck TLG Media in the ass" bandwagon.

Do you have any idea how much blood, sweat and tears I poured into this script to come up with such original, groundbreaking ideas as "Monkey Assassin"? You think something as brilliant as writing the line "Assassin Monkey flips out and kills everyone" in the script and then forcing Chris to animate it just happens overnight? THAT SHIT TOOK FOUR YEARS OF HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.

Of course, Daniel Way and Marvel Comics sure as shit don't give a flying fuck and are more than happy to just steal our incredible, earth-shaking ideas for their own profit WITHOUT EVEN GIVING US THE CREDIT WE SO CLEARLY DESERVE.

Now that they have the weight of the Disney Corporation to swing around, Marvel can just fuck over anyone they want without fear of retribution. Daniel Way is probably sitting in his mansion right now, sipping his chalice of fine bourbon and laughing. "Haha!" he declares, "I'm already rich beyond my wildest dreams, but by stealing this wonderful idea I'll be even MORE wealthy, and those retards on the internet are powerless to stop me!" Then he cackles wildly as lighting cracks outside, and he immediately retires to his bedchamber to have an orgy with his stable of concubines.


Too Late Gary

ps Watch Love, Mass Effect 2 Style! Don't not watch it, or else you might get cancer.


Posted by tlgmedia - August 6th, 2008

Todays Cyanide & Happiness has a joke about an old persons head detaching from the body and flying off, which would be funny if TLG MEDIA HADN'T ALREADY DONE IT WAY BACK IN APRIL, WHICH WE TOTALLY DID. Seriously, watch Space Alligator, wait until about one minute in, you can see for yourself. WTH Cyanide & Happiness?

I swear, first South Park rips us off and now C&H. After all the blood, sweat and tears we put into these animations, coming up with such clever, cutting-edge concepts like "Lollipop King" and "Space Monkey", these jerkmos just take our ideas without asking and punch us in the butthole.

What's the matter C&H? You run out of jokes? Or did you just get wicked lazy and start stealing jokes from the internet and having your legions of fans justify it by saying "OMG ITS NOT A RIPOFF ITS AN HOMAGE STFU"? What are you, Family Guy?

I'M CALLING YOU OUT CYANIDE & HAPPINESS. Nobody shits up our noses like this and gets away with it. You're going down, you hear me? FUKKEN DOWN! >:O

In other news, Robosapien is almost done and I've started on Sentient Fish Rape 4. JohnnyUtah recorded his lines for it a few days ago. They are AWESOME.

Tabouli Lentil Gyro

Cyanide & Happiness TOTALLY RIPPED US OFF >:O

Posted by tlgmedia - October 25th, 2007

The newest episode of South Park has a character called The Lollipop King. However, we put out an animation way back in February called Bachelor Party Yay! that also had a character called The Lollipop King who is somewhat similar in appearance. So the question is: DID SOUTH PARK RIP OFF TLG MEDIA?

My common sense says "No, anybody could come up with a 'lollipop king'" but my ego says "Those motherfuckers ripped us off! Fucking Motherfuckers!"

Anyways, ours is way better because he's insane and voiced by Tom Fulp.

Transgenders, Lesbians and Gays

Lollipop Kings - South Park ripped us off probably!